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Tesla Solar Roof Colors | New Coloring Technology For Solar Roofs Tesla

What is a Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla Solar Roofs is a unique product that allows homeowners to generate solar power without having to install traditional solar panels. The roof is made of durable glass tiles that come in a variety of colors and styles. Tesla offers two types of Solar Roof tiles – the Standard Tile and the Textured Glass Tile. The Standard Tile is more efficient and costs less, while the Textured Glass Tile looks more like traditional roofing materials. Both types of tiles are covered by Tesla’s lifetime warranty.

Not only does solar roofs provide homeowners with a renewable source of energy, but it also makes their home more beautiful and functional. In addition to the Solar Roof, Tesla solar offers a traditional solar PV panels product as well as a battery backup system. The cost of going “solar” is dropping fast and Tesla’s products make it extremely accessible for any homeowner who is interested in taking advantage of this new technology.

tesla solar roof colors

Design of Tesla solar roof

Solar roof Tesla consists of four different types of tiles – the solar roof tiles, the non-PV roof tiles, and two base layers. The solar aspect of each tile is designed to look extremely sleek and stylish. Tesla uses invisible mounting hardware that blends into the roof to attach the tiles in a way that makes them virtually indistinguishable from traditional roof materials. When designing the standard tile, Tesla used simulated aging techniques to make it appear as if sunlight had impacted its surface over time. This effect creates an incredibly natural look for any home while improving the cell’s efficiency by increasing exposure to the sun’s rays.

In addition to the Standard Tile, Tesla offers a variety of Textured Glass Tiles. Unlike the Standard Tile, these tiles contain an opaque glass tile within a clear glass cell. This allows homeowners to choose from a number of different styles and appearances depending on their preferences and home’s design. In order to maintain its aesthetic appeal over time, Tesla developed a proprietary process that creates microscopic nano-textures in solar cells. These textures allow light particles to move within each individual solar cell and create subtle color variations throughout the roofing surface.


Tesla’s warranty covers the Solar Roof for “infinity”, meaning that it is transferable to a new homeowner if a customer decides to sell their home. In addition, Tesla covers its glass tiles against weather damage and the occasional repair related to everyday wear and tear for 30 years.

Tesla Solar Tiles

Tesla’s solar roof tiles are perfect for homeowners who don’t want to put mounting equipment on their roofs while also wanting the power benefits of a traditional solar system.

Known as “solar shingles,” these unique systems were developed by SolarCity, acquired by Tesla. The solar cells that power these tiles are invisible to passersby and installed at an angle designed to maximize sun exposure throughout the day.

How Would They Work?

The solar cells embedded in each tile contain photovoltaic cells which are capable of converting sunlight into electricity.

Although the solar roof tiles are most efficient when installed in large groupings, they can also be used for single-tile roofs or even to replace traditional shingles on an existing roof.

The total number of tiles installed on a roof is dependent upon the size and style of the home as well as its orientation, maximizing sunlight exposure.

In homes with existing roofs, Tesla’s solar tiles may replace traditional shingles one-by-one. In situations where a new roof is required, the cost of a regular roof installation can be combined with that of a solar tile installation to provide steady returns for decades.

Pros and cons of solar roof tiles

Tesla offers four different types of solar shingles which are distinguished by their appearance: textured glass, smooth glass, French slate, and Tuscan glass. All four styles come in both opaque and transparent options. The price of these Tesla solar tiles varies based on the size and style selected by the customer. Tesla solar roof colors may also be customized by the customer, but this does add an extra cost to the tile.

The extra cost of customization is rewarded with a wide range of styles and colors available which allow homeowners to choose tiles that best match their home’s aesthetic. The solar roof tiles can even mimic traditional cedar shake roofs at a lower cost per square foot than regular cedar shakes would require for solar panel installation.

According to Tesla’s website, each solar roof shingle has its own individual micro-controller which manages the power generated by the system in order to maximize power generation while ensuring protection against high or low levels of incoming sunlight. Each tile communicates wirelessly with other nearby tiles, determining how much energy can be supplied before being sent on to its destination. This makes it possible for one tile not to receive enough sunlight to compensate for its neighbor.

Top Brands for solar shingles roof


This well-known technology brand also manufactures solar shingles. Tesla solar shingles are made from quartz, which improves their efficiency and resilience. Not only does Tesla create the shingles, but the company also manages every step of the process, from design to installation, which includes removal of the current roof, if applicable. These solar shingles Tesla come in attractive textures, and they come with a 30-year power output warranty. An app allows you to monitor your shingles’ energy levels at a glance.


CertainTeed solar shingles are created with the same monocrystalline technology used for solar panels. There are two designs, one that coordinates with concrete tile roofs and another that matches with asphalt.


SunTegra is another option for those looking for a more budget-friendly option in solar roofing. Its simple, lightweight configuration reduces the time it takes to install and integrates well with either asphalt or concrete roofs.


Luma solar shingles are different from others on the market in terms of their high efficiency (21%) and durability—they can withstand Category 5 hurricanes. They are also billed as the only solar shingle that can be upgraded, which is a great feature to have as the technology improves.

Cost: Solar Panels vs. Solar Roof

When determining the worth of your solar roof, you must consider your roof size as well as your monthly electric bill amount. The greater your power usage, the more solar tiles you’ll need on your roof in comparison to non-solar tiles.

Solar panel cost is determined by the wattage of the solar cells installed. It costs more to install solar PV panels with a higher wattage. Generally speaking, 10 watts per square foot is a good average for residential homes.

The number of solar tiles you’ll need will depend on your home’s roof area and which type of tile you choose. The Powerwall battery system comes at an additional cost (approximately $7,000). Keep in mind that most states offer financial incentives for installing Tesla energy products.

Most importantly, know that you can start small when outfitting your home with Tesla Energy products. You don’t have to install an entire solar roof all at once; considerable savings is achieved when purchasing tiles over time.

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