Why Solar & Why Now?

Before I tell you all the benefits let me ask you two questions:

1.Did you know that power has increased an average of 2% a year for the last 25 years. (National energy prices have nearly doubled since 2003)

Here is my second question:

If I could install solar on your roof and it cost you no more than you pay on a monthly basis – Freeze your electric costs (no more increases) and put thousands of dollars of cash in your pocket – Would you be interested?

Immediate savings

I can usually save you 5 - 40% on your energy bill.

Fixed Costs

No more increases in the rate you pay for your electric.

Increase Home Value

A typical home may increase as much as 20% in value by installing solar.

Federal Incentives

In 2021 The federal government is giving a tax credit of 26% of the total purchase price.

Zero Out of Pocket

Solar can be installed with zero out of pocket expense.

30 Year Warranty

Your investment is protected for 30 years.

How Much Will It Cost?

That is a great Question:

The answer is it depends. 

There are 130 million homes in the United States and 90 million of them qualify for solar. 

We have a system that looks at your current usage, electricity cost, number of peak hours of sunlight and even the configuration of your roof.

We do all of this remotely with sophisticated software, satellite imagery and wait for it – Your monthly electric bill.

If you can provide us a scanned copy or a great cell phone picture of your electric bill and all of its pages, we can do the research and tell you if you qualify and pretty much exactly what it would cost you.

If you would like to know if we can install solar and put thousands of dollars in your pocket for doing it, use the form to submit your electric bill for a no cost, no obligation evaluation.