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Is it Worth Installing Solar Panels on Your Home?

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If you’re wondering if installing solar panels on your property is worth it, you’ve come to the right place. Recent studies have shown that homes with solar installations tend to sell for more than those that don’t. The value-add is around $5,911 per kilowatt installed, according to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Installing solar panels on your property can increase the resale value of your home by over 30%.

Cost of installing solar panels

The number of solar panels that you need depends on your location and the amount of sunlight that your house gets each day. You also need to calculate how much energy your home uses. If you are looking to reduce your dependence on the electrical grid, a system with four to five kW of solar power should be sufficient. This amount will fall within your budget. You can also choose to install more than one system. However, you should keep in mind that this can increase the overall cost of the project.

Installation costs vary significantly. While some installers charge slightly more than others, comparing prices is an excellent way to save money on the cost of solar power. Make sure to ask for a detailed price quote before you make a final decision. Make sure to look up online reviews before hiring a solar installation company. You should be aware that large solar companies often quote exorbitant prices based on brand recognition. You should also check local installers before choosing a national brand. You may save thousands of dollars by choosing a smaller company.

Increase in value of a home with solar panels

A new study shows that adding solar panels to a home increases its value by three to four percent. That means a $300,000 home with solar panels can fetch up to $12,000 more than a comparable house without them. The increase in value is based on the consumption value of an environmentally friendly energy source. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that each dollar saved on energy bills adds as much as $20 to a home’s value. However, the exact number will vary based on location.

Although the study only looks at homes that sell for more than the national median, the findings show that a home with solar panels commands a higher price. In fact, the highest-selling home in the study was appraised at eighty nine thousand dollars, more than double the median price of homes in the US. The study only covers mid-level homes, though, so it does not account for million-dollar properties.

Cost of installing solar panels on a home

The cost of installing solar panels on a home varies. A typical residential system is 6,000 watts and costs around $19,200. These panels are usually thin-film types, and they can be made from a variety of materials. These are lightweight and easy to install. Their biggest disadvantage is their inefficiency – they do not convert sunlight to electricity as efficiently as monocrystalline panels do. However, they are also extremely aesthetic, portable, and relatively easy to install.

The cost of solar panels is dependent on the size of the installation, the region in which it is located, and the amount of energy that the house uses. However, the cost can be calculated based on the number of bedrooms and watts used each month. This is especially helpful if the homeowner plans to reduce their dependency on the power grid. If the house is occupied by only one person, this could be a huge factor in the cost of solar energy installation.


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