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How Much Do Solar Panels Add Equity to Your Home?

do solar panels add equity

You may be wondering how much do solar panels add equity to your home. There are some real-world statistics to support the argument. Homes with solar panels on their roofs typically sell for four to six percent more than homes without. In Riverside, Calif., solar panels added to a home’s value increased its value by 2.7 percent. Homes in coastal cities usually sell for four to six percent more. Whether you choose to add solar panels to your home or not will depend on your personal circumstances.

Home buyers willing to pay 4% more for homes with solar energy systems

A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed that home buyers are willing to pay an average of 4% more for homes with solar energy systems. This premium is lower than in other areas of the country, but in California, for example, it amounted to a $12,000-$15,000 premium on the median sales price of a typical resident-owned solar array. This increase is even larger in California, where the solar real estate market is more developed and there are many comparable sales to draw from.

Cost of installing solar panels

The cost of installing a solar energy system may be a large part of the initial outlay, but you’ll get your money’s worth once you realize the long-term savings you’ll experience. Although installing a solar energy system can improve the value of your home, it may also take a few years before you see the full benefits of using a renewable energy source to power your home. If you plan on selling your home, consider this.

Impact on home value

Several studies have found that a house with solar panels can increase its selling price by about 4%. These studies are usually quite outdated, but according to a recent Zillow study, a house with solar panels sold for an average of $9,274 more than a home without solar panels. This premium differed by location and neighborhood, but the overall increase in home value was substantial. In some cases, solar panels have even increased the value of a home by more than double.

Long-term ownership

A recent report by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory confirms the fact that solar adds substantial value to a home. This report also suggests that a seller will realize more equity in their home if their solar panels are included in the sale. Using accepted appraisal methods, the report shows that homes with solar panels sell for 40% more than homes without solar power. But it’s important to note that the report is not the only authority on this topic. For instance, a study by Zillo found that homes with solar power sold for nearly four percent more than comparable homes without solar panels.

Property tax exemptions for solar panels

Property tax exemptions for solar panels are available in most areas of New York State. This state tax break is available statewide, but may not apply in some towns. For example, in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, or Yonkers, it does not apply for solar panel installations. Exemptions are determined by counties, not towns. Some towns do not allow solar panels on their land, and so they will have to pay town taxes instead.


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