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A community solar program is a project where one or more companies purchase the energy produced by a community solar array. The program’s benefits flow to a wide variety of customers, including individuals, nonprofits, and businesses. Typically, community solar projects have a long-term commitment, but there are often payment plans that make the project more affordable over the long term. There are also tax credits and other benefits to owning a local renewable energy project.

What is a community solar program

A community solar project is set up in a central location. A group of residents subscribe to the project and share the power generated. These communities are often more expensive than traditional utility-run systems, but they have several benefits. These communities do not have to install solar systems on individual properties. Instead, members pay a monthly subscription fee to the community and receive a portion of the electricity generated. This model is increasingly popular in the U.S., and will add 4.3 gigawatts of new capacity in the next five years.

Unlike the traditional utility model, community solar programs are free and have no installation costs. Customers receive solar bill credits that help offset the cost of their subscription. The amount of credits depends on the amount of energy generated by the system and the site. A community solar program will likely not cover the entire subscription cost, but it will help offset the cost of monthly electricity. A community solar program is a great way to get your neighbors involved in clean energy.

The Community Solar program is a subscription-based system that offers 100% local-generated solar energy. Subscriptions to these programs are $20 per month, and cancellation fees are usually $20. The energy generated from your share of a community solar system offsets the subscription fee. Most community solar companies require a minimum term of one year, but you can renew your subscription anytime within this time frame.

A community solar program allows many people to participate in the process. It is a great way to generate green electricity without the high cost of rooftop solar installations. A community solar program also encourages homeowners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is great for people who rent their homes.

A community solar program is similar to a subscription-based green power program, but it is different in that it is not an investment in the solar panels themselves. Rather, it is a way to help clean-energy projects by donating the electricity produced. In exchange, subscribers receive a credit on their electric bill for their share of the solar system. A community solar system is a way for individuals to save money and support their communities.


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