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Solar Power For 1500 Square Foot Home

For a typical 1500 square foot house, a 6kw solar panel system would be the right choice. The panels and installation cost around $18,000. You can also work with a local energy consultant to estimate your savings. Based on current fuel prices, the average cost of diesel in the US will be $2.81 per watt by 2021. A 5kw solar panel system will cost about $10,397 after federal and state rebates.

solar power for 1500 square foot house

The installation cost of a solar panel system for a 1500 square foot house can range from $7500 to $21,000, but the price depends on several factors. First, your house’s location should be considered. If the roof has high amounts of trees and buildings, you’ll need a larger array and more panels. If you have large trees and tall buildings that block the sun’s rays, you will need more panels to achieve the same amount of energy.

Then, you can compare different panels. For a 1500 square foot house, you’d need a polycrystalline panel with a 20% greater power output. You’ll need between 12 and 18 panels for this size house. The cost of new solar panels varies widely, but you can expect to save between $2,000 and $24,000 per year. With a small investment, you can reduce your electricity bills and help the environment at the same time.

A 1500 square foot house requires 1.2 kW per square foot of surface area. This means you need to buy a polycrystalline panel with an output range of 3.6kW to 7.2kW. The cost per watt depends on the number of solar panels you choose and other factors, like roof position. For example, if your roof is shaded, you’ll need to install a larger array. And if you live in an area with buildings or trees that block the sun’s rays, you’ll need more than one array for a single solar panel.

A 1500-square-foot home needs a polycrystalline panel with a 20% higher power output. A polycrystalline panel costs between $2.53 to $3.15 per kW. The installation of a 1500-square-foot house solar panel system can be expensive, but a budget-friendly household can easily find a solution with solar power for 1500 square feet. There are also no large down payments required and you can install a solar power for 1500-square-foot house for a fraction of the cost.

The installation of a solar power system for a 1500 square-foot house can cost from $7500 to $21,000. The cost of installing solar panels for a home of this size can vary dramatically, as there are several factors to consider, such as the type of roof, the location of the solar panel array, and whether the panels are shaded by trees or buildings. If you’re living in a sunny area, a polycrystalline panel system will likely be a good choice.


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