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Installing Solar Panels on Metal Roof: How to Put Solar Panels on a Metal Roofs

Solar panel installation on metal roof

Photovoltaic panels are becoming more affordable. As a result, the metal roof is more durable than asphalt shingles. Metal roofing and solar panels are often part of a green roof installation plan.

A simple system for installing solar panels on metal roofs includes using the existing vent pipe to connect the electrical wires coming from the inverter through a 3/4″ PVC pipe with an end cap, then attaching it to one side of the frame before mounting it in place on top of that pipe.

Types of Metal Roofing

A metal roof is a type of roof that is made of sheets of steel or aluminum, while some are also made with concrete. These roofs are common in modern constructions and new buildings. Each type has its own mounting requirements for solar panels installed on the roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof are the best choice for solar panels installation because it has a lower risk of leaking compared to other metal roofs. It does not have any V-shaped flashing that covers the entire seam, which makes installing solar panels easier and quicker. Seams can be welded or joined with screws depending on the length.

The installation process involves mounting brackets to the roof, then attaching the solar panels onto the installed brackets using screws or bolts through predrilled holes. Although it is a good option for mounting solar panels, standing seam metal roofing panels are more expensive than other types of metal roofs because they have better quality, with seamless edges and fewer leaks.

Corrugated Metal Roofs

Another type of metal roofing is corrugated metal, also called ribbed or fluted metal. It is a flexible and strong, yet inexpensive material. Corrugated roofs can be made from aluminum or steel, both of which are good conductors for solar panels to install on the roof. To install solar panels on corrugated metal roofing, solar installers use brackets with the panels. Fasteners are also needed to securely attach brackets to the roof.

A ribbed metal roof is easy to access for solar panel installation as well as regular maintenance and cleaning.

Metal roofs are good for PV panels

Metal roofs are good for solar panels because they can withstand the weight of the panels. The metal is also sustainable, meaning that it doesn’t need to be replaced as wood does. Solar panels must be secured with brackets properly and set a seal between them and the metal sheets in order to avoid water damage or rusting.

How to install solar panels on a metal roof

There are a few different ways to install solar PV panels on a metal roof, but they all require some technical know-how. It’s important to remember that you can install solar panels on any roof, regardless of the material or style of your roof. However, some roofs are more difficult than others.

For example, wood shake roofs are a fire hazard and call for the use of flashing and sealant. Asphalt composite shingles may need to be installed using sealant approved by the manufacturer in order to avoid voiding warranty. The flashing needs to be raised so that water is diverted away from the seams of the panels. And finally, clay or stone tile roofs are difficult to install solar panels on because they need to be removed and then cut after the flashing has been installed.

The best roof to install solar panels on is a metal roof. Metal roofs are easy to work with, they look great and they don’t require any additional flashing or sealant if the panels are installed correctly.

Here are the steps in installing solar panels on metal roof:

1. Prepare the roof for installation: Remove any existing shingles or tiles and clean the surface of any dirt, oil or debris. If there are seams in your metal roof you will need to seal them with a seam sealer.

2. Install the solar panels: Solar panels are installed using an adhesive, screws or both. When installing on a metal roof you should use screws to hold the panels in place. If you use screws make sure that they are stainless steel and not galvanized or coated as these will corrode over time.

3. Connecting wires: You will need to connect the panels in series and then wire them together. You can use a junction box or individual connectors for this job.

4. Secure wiring: Make sure that all wires are properly secured.

5. Connecting to the house: The panels will need to be connected to your electrical system, you can use a combiner box or an inverter for this job.

6. Installation complete: You have now completed the installation of your new solar panels.

Pros and cons of installing solar panels on metal roofs

Installing solar panels on metal roofs is relatively simple and low-cost. Metal roofing lasts 50 or 60 years, outlasting even the best quality solar panels. As a result of this, installing these types of systems can be done without damaging the roof too much, making it an environmentally-friendly installation that reduces waste and fossil fuels in addition to providing energy.

Most people who install solar panels on a metal roof will have to pay a higher price for installation because of the additional work that is involved in the process. Solar panels are heavy and if they’re not installed properly, they can damage the roofing. The only people who should install solar panels on a metal roof are certified, licensed, and insured professionals.


How is a PV solar installed on a roof metal?

Solar modules are attached to a metal roof using a series of screws, brackets, and probably some adhesives. As long as the installer uses high-quality hardware, there shouldn’t be any problems with the panels being securely fastened.

solar panels on metal roof

Can I install solar panels on my roof?

The short answer is yes, you most certainly can install solar panels on your roof with a qualified roofer and solar installer working together in tandem. Most residential metal roofs today use metal shingles that are specially designed to support the weight of solar panels.

What is the best way to mount my solar panel?

There are two ways to mount solar panels on your roof: racking that attaches to the metal roof or rails that tie into your existing roof.

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